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CECCATO CSB Rotary Screw Range

ceccato logo imageCeccato, CSB Rotary Screw Air Centres; a full feature, industry proven, world class range from one of Europe’s leading & long standing compressor companies.
Made in Italy by Ceccato Air Compressors; utilising 65 years of experience in compressed air technology & 35 years of screw compressor manufacturing & development history.

The Ceccato CSB Range offers a wide choice of model configurations designed to satisfy each customer’s individual needs:

  • 2 Models:
    • a stand alone SCREW COMPRESSOR,
    • & a full feature, all-in-one DRY AIR CENTRE
  • 3 Motor Sizes:    25hp, 30hp, & 40hp
  • 2 Working Pressures: 8 bar as standard, plus 10 bar as option

The result is 10 model variations, designed to best meet each customer’s specific needs.




  • Noise Levels from only 63 dB(A) achieved via the use of cabinet soundproofing, the silence of the air-end & anti-vibration mountings.
  • Highly efficient, European ‘AIRTEC’ rotary screw air-end.
  • Sophisticated, energy saving, user friendly ‘ES-3000’ electronic controller.
  • Premium EFF1, IP55 electric motor.
  • Combined air-cooler & oil-cooler, in aluminium with fine fins.
  • External, cabinet, intake air, pre-filter mat.
  • High efficiency spin-on air/oil separator element, resulting in oil carryover of only 2-3 ppm (before external line filters are even reached).
  • Air Centre models feature a 500 Litre air reciever tank.
  • Star-Delta motor start.
  • Compliant with Australian OH&S regulations.
  • 12 month unlimited hours warranty, extended to 2 years on the air-end.
  • Easy access to all internal components (3 panels facilitates access to all compressor components) for ease of service.
  • ‘Spin-On’ style oil filter & air/oil separator elements (just like a car oil filter).
  • In-House scheduled maintenance is an option with two pre-packaged service kits & a detailed owner’s manual giving full instructions.



  Rotary Screw Compressor
  500 litre Air Receiver
  Line Filter (0.1 mg/m3) Optional
  Refrigerated Air Dryer


CSB MODEL Free Air Delivery Motor Power Tank Volume Noise @1m Weight Dimensions
# m³/min cfm kW Hp Litres dB(A) Kg L x W x H  cm
CSB 25 2.91 103 18.5 25 - 66 414 133 x 78 x 122
CSB 30 3.59 127 22 30 - 68 430 133 x 78 x 122
CSB 40 3.97 140 30 40 - 69 458 133 x 78 x 122
CSB 25 – 500 D 2.91 103 18.5 25 500 66 632 194 x 81 x 184
CSB 30 – 500 D 3.59 127 22 30 500 68 660 194 x 81 x 184

Above ‘Free Air Delivery’ figures are based on standard 8 bar ‘Max Working Pressure’ configuration,
With On-load & Off-load pressures factory preset @ 650 kPa (95 psi) & 800 kPa (116 psi), respectively.
Optional 10 bar model variants are also available.

The ES 3000 electronic controller & display has the following user friendly functionality:

  • Management & Display of all Running & Control Operations:
  • Digital Readouts: Presure, Temperature, Total Run Hours, Total Loaded Hours.
    LED Display of Run Modes: Standby, Onload & Offload.

  • Pre-warning or Shutdown on Anomalies:
  • Overpressure, Oil Over Temp, Motor Thermal Overload.

  • Adjustable Operating Parameters:
  • Cut-in Pressure, Cut-out Pressure, Max Operating Temp, Max Number of Starts Per Hour.

  • Tracking of Scheduled Maintennance Intervals:
  • Oil Filter, Separator Filter, Suction Filter, Oil Change, General Check.

  • Inteligent Duty Cycling Control which automatically calculates the most energy efficient program to suit required demand.

Ceccato Logo imageThe Ceccato company has its headquarters and factory in Vicenza Italy & satellite production facilities through western Europe.  They have more than 65 years experience in compressed air technology & 35 years of manufacturing rotary screw compressors.
Today Ceccato is part of the Atlas Copco Group of Companies, distributing their products worldwide through more than 1000 distributors in more than 60 countries spanning the globe.

In Australia, Ceccato’s head office is in Melbourne, with their Australian operation utilizing national distributors such as National Air Compressors to sell & service their product Australia wide.

Today Ceccato’s rotary screw compressors utilise the ‘Airtec’ air end (one of the largest air end manufacturer’s in the world) & Ceccato itself is one of the largest screw compressor & refrigerated dryer manufacturers in Europe.

All products are designed and manufactured by Ceccato in accordance with ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certification and all models conform to the rigorous ISO-1217, Ed.3, Annex C-1996 acceptance test code.