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CCECCATO Variable Speed INVERTER Rotary Screw Range – 15 to 45 kW

ceccato logo imageCeccato, INVERTER (Variable Speed) Rotary Screw Compressors have been a success in the European market for many years now due to their achievable electricity savings (up to 35% when compared to traditional fixed speed rotary screw compressors).

With the cost of electricity now on the increase in Australia, these INVERTER (Variable Speed) models are fast becoming a viable cost saving option for operations who:

  • Run two shifts
  • & have varying compressed air demands throughout their operating cycles.

Advantages in a Nutshell 

  • Lower Running Cost: i.e. only uses energy for required air production
  • Constant Pressure: i.e. higher process stability
  • Lower Maximum Pressure: i.e. lower energy consumption & reduced air leaks
  • IVR Ramped Motor Start-up: i.e. no current peaks, unlimited start-ups & less stress on coupling elements
  • Longer Maintenance Intervals: i.e. no off-load running  
  • Quieter Running: i.e. lower dB(A) levels when running below full speed




Inverter Controlled Variable-Speed, Rotary Screw Compressors.

The Built-in Inverter varies the electric motor speed & keeps line pressure constant, adjusting automatically according to consumption.  This means it only supplies the amount of compressed air required by the system, & only ever compressors to the pressure level required.

The reality of most industries is that the amount of compressed air needed during a given day or week varies depending on production.  The Inverter Screw Compressor can slow down to one quarter of full operating speed before turning off, & every re-start of the electric motor is a highly efficient smooth ramped speed build-up.  The greater the variation in demand, the greater the energy saving of the Inverter Screw Compressor. 

Traditional Rotary Screw Compressors

Normal Rotary Screw Compressors, whilst computer controlled, operate on the principle of stop / start.  I.e. the compressor operates within a set pressure range, the electric motor starts when the pressure falls to a low pressure setting & stops upon achieving its high pressure setting.  The electric motor itself operates at one constant speed. 

Unnecessary stopping & starting is minimised by allowing the compressor to 'Free-wheel' (running off-load) for a short period of time. I.e. upon reaching the upper pressure setting the electric motor will continue running but the air-end will pump to atmosphere, greatly reducing the load on the motor & thus it's power consumption.  In times of high demand, this avoids the compressor stopping for very short periods of time only to quickly re-start (an analogy to explain this would be you letting your car idle at the lights instead of turning your engine off at every red light).


In Europe, it is well known that in 3 - 5 years of operation, over three quarters of the overall cost of a traditional compressor is ascribable to electricity consumption.

inverter pie graph image 01 A   77% Electrical Consumption
B   12% Investment
C   9%   Maintenance
D   2%   Installation

The use of Inverter Controlled, Variable-Speed Compressors can result in energy savings of 35% or more over traditional screw compressors.  Resulting in financial savings of over 20% in a Life Cycle Cost Comparison (LCC) over a period of 5 years for a business operating 2 shifts (approximately 20,000 hrs of operation).

inverter pie graph image 01 A    50% Electrical Consumption
B    17% Investment
C    9%   Maintenance
D    2%   Installation
E    22% Saving

The ES 3000 electronic controller & display has the following user friendly functionality:

  • Management & Display of all Running & Control Operations:
  • Digital Readouts: Presure, Temperature, Total Run Hours, Total Loaded Hours.
    LED Display of Run Modes: Standby, Onload & Offload.

  • Pre-warning or Shutdown on Anomalies:
  • Overpressure, Oil Over Temp, Motor Thermal Overload.

  • Adjustable Operating Parameters:
  • Cut-in Pressure, Cut-out Pressure, Max Operating Temp, Max Number of Starts Per Hour.

  • Tracking of Scheduled Maintennance Intervals:
  • Oil Filter, Separator Filter, Suction Filter, Oil Change, General Check.

  • Inteligent Duty Cycling Control which automatically calculates the most energy efficient program to suit required demand.

Ceccato Logo imageThe Ceccato company has its headquarters and factory in Vicenza Italy & satellite production facilities through western Europe.  They have more than 65 years experience in compressed air technology & 35 years of manufacturing rotary screw compressors.
Today Ceccato is part of the Atlas Copco Group of Companies, distributing their products worldwide through more than 1000 distributors in more than 60 countries spanning the globe.

In Australia, Ceccato’s head office is in Melbourne, with their Australian operation utilizing national distributors such as National Air Compressors to sell & service their product Australia wide.

Today Ceccato’s rotary screw compressors utilise the ‘Airtec’ air end (one of the largest air end manufacturer’s in the world) & Ceccato itself is one of the largest screw compressor & refrigerated dryer manufacturers in Europe.

All products are designed and manufactured by Ceccato in accordance with ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certification and all models conform to the rigorous ISO-1217, Ed.3, Annex C-1996 acceptance test code.